Frequently Asked Questions

Note: I am dyslexic, so please excuse any spelling or grammar errors. Feel free to message me for corrections ^^

Q: What are your keys???


0FA334385D0B689F - available via WKD (gpg --locate-keys, or the full (armoured) key is available here. The key is also available on several keyservers, however Ubuntu's keyserver is the most reliable and kept up-to-date. Although, WKD should be preferred where possible.


Can be imported from this text file, however be aware I do not sign anything with my SSH key, only my PGP key.

Feel free to give me SSH access to your servers though :^)

Q: What are your PC specs/how much did your PC cost?

A: You can find all the details on PcPartPicker. It cost me around Β£650 to build in December, 2023.

Q: Can you hack my friend's instagram?

A: No.

Q: Can you fix my printer?

A: Yep!

  1. Kick the printer.
  2. Kick it harder.
  3. Unplug it (bare with me)
  4. Bring your printer to the nearest window
  5. Open the window
  6. Throw the printer out the window
  7. Ask someone else to print it for you (its their problem then)

Q: What music do you listen to?

A: Here's my main playlists. TL;DR, I listen to a lot of pop and rock, with a sprinkle of electronic

My favourite artists aren't really a thing, I prefer music over artists and albums, but I consistently listen to K.Flay, Grandson, Mother Mother, Super Whatevr, Cavetown, The Front Bottoms, Hospital Bracelet, and Crawlers.

I am one of those people that will listen to any music genre, and I actually mean it. Just remember though "will listen" doesn't mean "will like".

Q: Urandom or Random?

A: Urandom