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17 | she/it | "full"-stack

Quick - about me

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Python JavaScript Bash

Operating Systems

Fedora Ubuntu Windows iOS

Communication Platforms

In order of fastest to slowest


C# Go


Docker Git GitHub Uptime Kuma Linode Postgres Ollama

Frameworks & Libraries

Next.js FastAPI Discord.py py-cord

Notable Projects

Name About Source Live
Nio-Bot A bot framework for the matrix ecosystem GitHub Matrix
dendritecli A command line interface for interacting with the Dendrite homeserver. GitHub
ModMan A CLI mod manager for minecraft servers. GitHub Forgejo
College Bot v2 Specialised chat bot in discord for my college server. Forgejo GitHub
IPServ A joke IP server Forgejo
drop-in-url-previews A drop-in proxy URL preview server for Matrix Forgejo Matrix
Spanner A really informational discord bot GitHub GitHub GitHub Discord